Since python 2.7 will not be maintained past 2020 [1] it is a reasonable conjecture that downstream distributions will drop support for python 2 between now and then, perhaps as early as next year. In Pike, OpenStack projects, including TripleO, added python 3 unit tests. That effort was a good start, but likely we can agree that it is *only* a start to gaining confidence that real life TripleO deployments will "just work" running python 3. As agreed in the TripleO community meeting, this email is intended to kick off a discussion in advance of PTG on what else needs to be done.

In this regard it is worth observing that TripleO currently only supports CentOS deployments and CentOS won't have python 3 support until RHEL does, which may be too late to test deploying with python3 before support for python2 is dropped. Fedora does have support for python 3 and for this reason RDO has decided [2] to begin work to run with *stabilized* Fedora repositories in the Rocky cycle, aiming to be ready on time to migrate to Python 3 and support its use in downstream and upstream CI pipelines.

-- Tom Barron


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