Hi Tomas,

thanks for the questions, I am replying inline.

On 2014/05/02 11:19, Tomas Sedovic wrote:
On 05/02/14 03:58, Jaromir Coufal wrote:
Hi to everybody,

based on the feedback from last week [0] I incorporated changes in the
wireframes so that we keep them up to date with latest decisions:


* Smaller layout change in Nodes Registration (no rush for update)
* Unifying views for 'deploying' and 'deployed' states of the page for
deployment detail
* Improved workflow for associating node profiles with roles
    - showing final state of MVP
    - first iteration contains only last row (no node definition link)

Hey Jarda,

Looking good. I've got two questions:

1. Are we doing node tags (page 4) for the first iteration? Where are
they going to live?
Yes, it's very easy to do, already part of Ironic.

2. There are multiple node profiles per role on pages 11, 12, 17. Is
that just an oversight or do you intend on keeping those in? I though
the consensus was to do 1 node profile per deployment role.
I tried to avoid the confusion by the comment:
'- showing final state of MVP
 - first iteration contains only last row (no node definition link)'

Maybe I should be more clear. By last row I meant that in the first iteration, the form will contain only one row with dropdown to select only one flavor per role.

I intend to keep multiple roles for Icehouse scope. We will see if we can get there in time, I am hoping for 'yes'. But I am absolutely aligned with the consensus that we are starting only one node profile per role.

-- Jarda

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