On 08/06/2014 01:22 PM, Kevin Benton wrote:
What I was referring to was also not Keystone's definition of an
endpoint. It's almost as if the term has many uses and was not invented
for Keystone. :-)


Did a similar discussion occur when Heat wanted to use the word
'template' since this was clearly already in use by Horizon?

Not sure. But I do know that conversations around resource names in REST API endpoints (yes, that is how the term has been used in OpenStack) have been numerous. Just search for various conversations around project or tenant, or any of the Tuskar API modeling conversations. These kinds of discussions do come up often, and for good reason... these are the public APIs of OpenStack and are our "first impression" to the user, so to speak. It's a lot easier to try and get things right first than go through endless deprecation and backwards compatibility discussions. :)


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