My experience with mics, no matter how good, In conference rooms is not good.  
You are always working hard to hear the soft spoken person who is drowned by 
the background noise.  It’s always a strain and I don’t want to even think 
about doing it for a full 8 hrs.  It’s better than nothing so I agree, we need 
to provide some sort of remote conferencing at meetups but nothing compares 
with actually being there.

I’m not a core so I’m speaking from the outside but I think requiring 
attendance at the summits (absence requires a note from your parent ☺  while 
strongly encouraging attendance at mid-cycle meetups seems reasonable.

PS:  In re companies spending millions on OpenStack so travel to f2f events 
should be a drop in the bucket.  It doesn’t always work that way with the 
finance department, money comes out of different buckets and the travel bucket 
`always` dries up first.

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On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 8:31 PM, Michael Still 
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On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 1:24 PM, Jay Pipes 
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> Just wanted to quickly weigh in with my thoughts on this important topic. I
> very much valued the face-to-face interaction that came from the mid-cycle
> meetup in Beaverton (it was the only one I've ever been to).
> That said, I do not believe it should be a requirement that cores make it to
> the face-to-face meetings in-person. A number of folks have brought up very
> valid concerns about personal/family time, travel costs and burnout.
I'm not proposing they be a requirement. I am proposing that they be
strongly encouraged.

> I believe that the issue raised about furthering the divide between core and
> non-core folks is actually the biggest reason I don't support a mandate to
> have cores at the face-to-face meetings, and I think we should make our best
> efforts to support quality virtual meetings that can be done on a more
> frequent basis than the face-to-face meetings that would be optional.
I am all for online meetings, but we don't have a practical way to do
them at the moment apart from IRC. Until someone has a concrete
proposal that's been shown to work, I feel its a straw man argument.

What about making it easier for remote people to participate at the mid-cycle 
meetups? Set up some microphones and a Google hangout?  At least that way 
attending the mid-cycle is not all or nothing.

We did something like this last cycle (IIRC we didn't have enough mics) and it 
worked pretty well.


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