I've literally just finished the Cinder mid-cycle meetup (I'm still in
my hotel room), and the value was huge and undeniable.

Reading through this thread, I've just realised one massive advantage
of the mid-cycle meetup that improved our productivity massively: it
is in the middle of a cycle. We have actual implementations of the
things we are discussing, which is something we rarely have at the
summit - the sessions there are much more hand-waving and
aspirational. In the meetup we effectively treated the post-summit
work as a throw away prototype and redesigned things having learn
lessons. This is obvious unfortunate for the people who put the effort
into the code, but has I think let to a far better end result. I think
that requiring, or at least giving preferences to proposals that have
a working PoC before the summit might improve out productivity in a
similar way. Certainly worth thinking about...

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