I have proposed a _silent_ check for Nova for integration of the Docker


It has been established that this code cannot move back into Nova until the
tests are running and have a solid history of success. That cannot happen
unless we're allowed to run the tests. Running a silent check on changes to
Nova is the first step in establishing that history.

Joe Gordon suggests we need a spec to bring the driver back into Nova.
Besides the fact that specs are closed and there is no intention of
reintegrating the driver for Juno, I'm uncertain of proposing a spec
without first having solid history of successful testing, especially given
the historical context of this driver's relationship with Nova.

If we could enable silent checks, we could help minimize API skew and
branch breakages, improving driver quality and reducing maintenance while
we prepare for the Kilo spec + merge windows. Furthermore, by having a
history of testing, we can seek faster inclusion into Kilo.

Finally, I acknowledge that we may be entering a window of significant load
on the CI servers and I'm sensitive to the needs of the infrastructure team
to remain both focused and to conserve precious compute resources. If this
is an issue, then I'd like to plot a timeline, however rough, with the
infrastructure team.

Eric Windisch
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