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    I share Donald's points here, I believe what would help is to
    clearly describe in the Wiki the process and workflow for the BP
    approval process and build in this process how to deal with
    discrepancies/disagreements and build timeframes for each stage and
    process of appeal etc.
    The current process would benefit from some fine tuning and helping
    to build safe guards and time limits/deadlines so folks can expect
    responses within a reasonable time and not be left waiting in the cold.

This is a resource problem, the nova team simply does not have enough
people doing enough reviews to make this possible.

All the more reason to make it obvious which reviews are not being addressed in a timely fashion. (I'm thinking something akin to the order screen at a fast food restaurant that starts blinking in red and beeping if an order hasn't been filled in a certain amount of time.)

Perhaps by making it clear that reviews are a bottleneck this will actually help to address the problem.


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