All good points but I want to add an observation.

IRC seems to be the generic answer to all problems and, personally, I don't 
think that's a good medium.  Having to depend upon who just might be on IRC at 
a particular moment seems rather hit or miss.  I much prefer something like 
email where I have a little more time to compose my thoughts, you don't have to 
be right there constantly and there's an easy history.

Note, that's just personal preference, given that IRC is the preferred medium 
for many things I'll just have to change my processes.

Don Dugger
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Going a bit further up the thread where we are still talking about spec reviews 
and not code reviews...

On 28 August 2014 21:42, Dugger, Donald D <> wrote:
> I would contend that that right there is an indication that there's a problem 
> with the process.

We got two nova-core reviewer sponsors, to ensure the code would get reviewed 
before FF.

We probably should have got two nova-driver sponsors for a spec freeze. The 
cores don't have +2 in spec land.

This is the first release we are doing specs, so there are likely to be holes 
in the process. I think next time we could try two nova-cores and two 
nova-drivers (the driver might sign up for the spec review, but not the code 

Also, the spec only got an exception for one week only. I was very late on 
adding the -2, apologies. I just spotted it was missed out, when doing a bit of 
house keeping for juno-3.

> You submit a BP and then you have no idea of what is happening and no way of 
> addressing any issues.  If the priority is wrong I can explain why I think 
> the priority should be higher, getting stonewalled leaves me with no idea 
> what's wrong and no way to address any problems.

Feel free to raise this in the nova-meeting, or ping me or mikal on IRC or via 

> I think, in general, almost everyone is more than willing to adjust proposals 
> based upon feedback.  Tell me what you think is wrong and I'll either explain 
> why the proposal is correct or I'll change it to address the concerns.

Right. In this case, we just didn't get it reviewed. As mentioned, probably 
because people didn't see this as important right now.

> Trying to deal with silence is really hard and really frustrating.  
> Especially given that we're not supposed to spam the mailing it's really hard 
> to know what to do.

For blueprint process stuff, email or catch me (johnthetubaguy) on IRC, or 
mikal on IRC, or any of the nova-drivers. We can usually get you an answer. Or 
generally ask people in #openstack-nova who should be able to point you in the 
right direction.

>I don't know the solution but we need to do something.  More core team members 
>would help, maybe something like an automatic timeout where BPs/patches with 
>no negative scores and no activity for a week get flagged for special handling.

We are brainstorming ideas for Kilo. But its always a balance. I don't want to 
add extra red tape for every issue we have.

Right now we rely on people shouting on IRC if we forget really important 
things, and fixing stuff up as required.


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