On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 03:44:25PM -0400, Jay Pipes wrote:
> On 08/27/2014 09:04 PM, Dugger, Donald D wrote:
> >I’ll try and not whine about my pet project but I do think there is a
> >problem here.  For the Gantt project to split out the scheduler there is
> >a crucial BP that needs to be implemented (
> >https://review.openstack.org/#/c/89893/ ) and, unfortunately, the BP has
> >been rejected and we’ll have to try again for Kilo.  My question is did
> >we do something wrong or is the process broken?
> >
> >Note that we originally proposed the BP on 4/23/14, went through 10
> >iterations to the final version on 7/25/14 and the final version got
> >three +1s and a +2 by 8/5.  Unfortunately, even after reaching out to
> >specific people, we didn’t get the second +2, hence the rejection.
> >
> >I understand that reviews are a burden and very hard but it seems wrong
> >that a BP with multiple positive reviews and no negative reviews is
> >dropped because of what looks like indifference.
> I would posit that this is not actually indifference. The reason that there
> may not have been >1 +2 from a core team member may very well have been that
> the core team members did not feel that the blueprint's priority was high
> enough to put before other work, or that the core team members did have the
> time to comment on the spec (due to them not feeling the blueprint had the
> priority to justify the time to do a full review).

That is fine from the POV of a general blueprint. In this case though
we explicitly approved an exception to the freeze for this blueprint.
This (w|sh)ould only have been done if we considered it high enough
priority and with a commitment to actually review it.  ie we should
not approve exceptions to freeze dates for things we don't care about.

> Note that I'm not a core drivers team member.

Which I think is an issue in itself. With all the problems we have
with review bandwidth, the idea that we should pick an even smaller
subset of 'nova core' to form a 'nova drivers' group is broken. I
was rather suprised myself when I first learnt that 'nova drivers'
even existed (by finding I could not +2 specs). I was lucky that
Mikal proposed to add me to nova drivers, so it ultimately didn't
impact me. Looking at nova core though, I really don't see why some
members of nova core should be privileged in reviewing & approving
specs, over others. IMHO, the idea of the smaller nova drivers group
should die and everyone in nova core should share that responsibility.

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