On 09/02/2014 02:50 PM, Stefano Maffulli wrote:
> On 08/29/2014 11:17 AM, John Garbutt wrote:
>> After moving to use ZNC, I find IRC works much better for me now, but
>> I am still learning really.
> There! this sentence has two very important points worth highlighting:
> 1- when people say IRC they mean IRC + a hack to overcome its limitation
> 2- IRC+znc is complex, not many people are used to it
> I never used znc, refused to install, secure and maintain yet another
> public facing service. For me IRC is: be there when it happens or read
> the logs on eavesdrop, if needed.
> Recently I found out that there are znc services out there that could
> make things simpler but they're not easy to join (at least the couple I
> looked at).
> Would it make sense to offer znc as a service within the openstack project?

I would worry a lot about privacy/liability if OpenStack were to provide
ZNCaaS. Not being on infra I can't speak definitively, but I know I
wouldn't be especially excited about hosting & securing folks' private

Eavesdrop just records public meetings, and the logs are 100% public so
no privacy headaches. Many folks using OpenStack's ZNCaaS would be in
other channels (or at least would receive private messages) and
OpenStack probably shouldn't take responsibility for keeping all those safe.

Just my 0.02 USD.
Ryan Brown / Software Engineer, Openstack / Red Hat, Inc.

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