On 09/03/2014 09:35 AM, Sylvain Bauza wrote:
> Re: ZNC as a service, I think it's OK provided the implementation is
> open-sourced with openstack-infra repo group, as for Gerrit, Zuul and
> others.
> The only problem I can see is how to provide IRC credentials to this, as
> I don't want to share my creds up to the service.
> -Sylvain
There are more than just adoption (user trust) problems. An Open Source
implementation wouldn't solve the liability concerns, because users
would still have logs of their (potentially sensitive) credentials and
conversations on servers run by OpenStack Infra.

This is different from Gerrit/Zuul etc which just display code/changes
and run/display tests on those public items. There isn't anything
sensitive to be leaked there. Storing credentials and private messages
is a different story, and would require much more security work than
just storing code and test results.

Ryan Brown / Software Engineer, Openstack / Red Hat, Inc.

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