I devoured this thread, so much it was interesting and full of
insights. It's not news that we've been pondering about this in the
Neutron project for the past and existing cycle or so.

Likely, this effort is going to take more than two cycles, and would
require a very focused team of people working closely together to
address this (most likely the core team members plus a few other folks

One question I was unable to get a clear answer was: what happens to
existing/new bug fixes and features? Would the codebase go in lockdown
mode, i.e. not accepting anything else that isn't specifically
targeting this objective? Just using NFV as an example, I can't
imagine having changes supporting NFV still being reviewed and merged
while this process takes place...it would be like shooting at a moving
target! If we did go into lockdown mode, what happens to all the
corporate-backed agendas that aim at delivering new value to

Should we relax what goes into the stable branches, i.e. considering
having  a Juno on steroids six months from now that includes some of
the features/fixes that didn't land in time before this process kicks

I like the end goal of having a leaner Nova (or Neutron for that
matter), it's the transition that scares me a bit!


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