On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 07:35:05PM -0700, Armando M. wrote:
> Hi,
> I devoured this thread, so much it was interesting and full of
> insights. It's not news that we've been pondering about this in the
> Neutron project for the past and existing cycle or so.
> Likely, this effort is going to take more than two cycles, and would
> require a very focused team of people working closely together to
> address this (most likely the core team members plus a few other folks
> interested).
> One question I was unable to get a clear answer was: what happens to
> existing/new bug fixes and features? Would the codebase go in lockdown
> mode, i.e. not accepting anything else that isn't specifically
> targeting this objective? Just using NFV as an example, I can't
> imagine having changes supporting NFV still being reviewed and merged
> while this process takes place...it would be like shooting at a moving
> target! If we did go into lockdown mode, what happens to all the
> corporate-backed agendas that aim at delivering new value to
> OpenStack?

I don't think it is credible to say we'd go into lockldown refusing
all other feature proposals, precisely for the kind of reasons you
mention. We have to recognise that people will want to continue to
contribute stuff and that's fine in general. The primary impact will
be around prioritization of work. eg in the event of contention for
attention / approval, work on refactoring would be given priority
over other feature work. I'd expect that we'd still acceptable a
reasonable amount of other feature work, because mythical man month
paradigm means you can't put every contributor & reviewer working on
the same refactoring problem at once.

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