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> OK, so look at a concrete example: in 2002, the Linux kernel went with
> bitkeeper precisely because we'd reached the scaling limit of a single
> integration point, so we took the kernel from a single contributing team
> to a bunch of them.  This was expanded with git in 2005 and leads to the
> hundreds of contributing teams we have today.

One thing the kernel has that Openstack doesn't, that alter the way
this model plays out, is a couple of very strong, forthright and frank
personalities at the top who are pretty well respected. Both Andrew
and Linux (and others) regularly if not frequently rip into ideas
quite scathingly, even after they have passed other barriers and
gauntlets and just say no to things. Openstack has nothing of this
sort, and there is no evidence that e.g. the TC can, should or desire
to fill this role.

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