On 09/11/2014 04:30 PM, Sean Dague wrote:
On 09/11/2014 09:09 AM, Gary Kotton wrote:

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Sean Dague wrote:
Why don't we start with "let's clean up the virt interface and make it
more sane", as I don't think there is any disagreement there. If it's
going to take a cycle, it's going to take a cycle anyway (it will
probably take 2 cycles, realistically, we always underestimate these
things, remember when no-db-compute was going to be 1 cycle?). I don't
see the need to actually decide here and now that the split is clearly
at least 7 - 12 months away. A lot happens in the intervening time.

Yes, that sounds like the logical next step. We can't split drivers
without first doing that anyway. I still think "people need smaller
areas of work", as Vish eloquently put it. I still hope that refactoring
our test architecture will let us reach the same level of quality with
only a fraction of the tests being run at the gate, which should address
most of the harm you see in adding additional repositories. But I agree
there is little point in discussing splitting virt drivers (or anything
else, really) until the internal interface below that potential split is
fully cleaned up and it becomes an option.

How about we start to try and patch gerrit to provide +2 permissions for
Who can be assigned Œdriver core¹ status. This is something that is
relevant to Nova and Neutron and I guess Cinder too.

If you think that's the right solution, I'd say go and investigate it
with folks that understand enough gerrit internals to be able to figure
out how hard it would be. Start a conversation in #openstack-infra to
explore it.

My expectation is that there is more complexity there than you give it
credit for. That being said one of the biggest limitations we've had on
gerrit changes is we've effectively only got one community member, Kai,
who does any of that. If other people, or teams, were willing to dig in
and own things like this, that might be really helpful.

I don't think we need to modify gerrit to support this functionality. We can simply have a gerrit job (similar to the existing CI jobs) which is run on every patch set and checks if:
1) the changes are only under /nova/virt/XYZ and /nova/tests/virt/XYZ
2) it has two +1 from maintainers of driver XYZ

if the above conditions are met, the job will post W+1 for this patchset. Does that make sense?

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