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>>>> Why don't we start with "let's clean up the virt interface and make it
>>>> more sane", as I don't think there is any disagreement there. If it's
>>>> going to take a cycle, it's going to take a cycle anyway (it will
>>>> probably take 2 cycles, realistically, we always underestimate these
>>>> things, remember when no-db-compute was going to be 1 cycle?). I don't
>>>> see the need to actually decide here and now that the split is clearly
>>>> at least 7 - 12 months away. A lot happens in the intervening time.
>>> Yes, that sounds like the logical next step. We can't split drivers
>>> without first doing that anyway. I still think "people need smaller
>>> areas of work", as Vish eloquently put it. I still hope that
>>> our test architecture will let us reach the same level of quality with
>>> only a fraction of the tests being run at the gate, which should
>>> most of the harm you see in adding additional repositories. But I agree
>>> there is little point in discussing splitting virt drivers (or anything
>>> else, really) until the internal interface below that potential split
>>> fully cleaned up and it becomes an option.
>> How about we start to try and patch gerrit to provide +2 permissions for
>> people
>> Who can be assigned Œdriver core¹ status. This is something that is
>> relevant to Nova and Neutron and I guess Cinder too.
>If you think that's the right solution, I'd say go and investigate it
>with folks that understand enough gerrit internals to be able to figure
>out how hard it would be. Start a conversation in #openstack-infra to
>explore it.
>My expectation is that there is more complexity there than you give it
>credit for. That being said one of the biggest limitations we've had on
>gerrit changes is we've effectively only got one community member, Kai,
>who does any of that. If other people, or teams, were willing to dig in
>and own things like this, that might be really helpful.

What about what Radoslav suggested? Having a background task running -
that can set a flag indicating that the code has been approved by the
driver ‘maintainers’. This can be something that driver CI should run -
that is, driver code can only be approved if it has X +1’s from the driver
maintainers and a +1 from the driver CI.

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