> That’s great feedback, Eric, thank you. I know some of the other projects
> are moving drivers out of the main core tree, and we could certainly
> consider doing that here as well, if we have teams willing to sign up for
> the work it means doing.
> In addition to the zmq driver, we have a fairly stable rabbit driver, a
> qpid driver whose quality I don’t know , and a new experimental AMQP 1.0
> driver. Are we talking about moving those out, too, or just zmq because we
> were already considering removing it entirely?

I believe it makes good sense for all drivers, in the long term. However,
the most immediate benefits would be in offloading any drivers that need
substantial work or improvements, aka velocity. That would mean the AMQP
and ZeroMQ drivers.

With the Nova drivers, what's useful is that we have tempest and we can use
that as an integration gate. I suppose that's technically possible with
oslo.messaging and its drivers as well, although I prefer to see a
separation of concerns were I presume there are messaging patterns you want
to validate that aren't exercised by Tempest.

Another thing I'll note is that before pulling Ironic in, Nova had an API
contract test. This can be useful for making sure that changes in the
upstream project doesn't break drivers, or that breakages could at least
invoke action by the driver team:

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