On Oct 12, 2014, at 12:32 AM, Li Ma <skywalker.n...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2014/9/17 22:34, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> The documentation in the oslo.messaging repository [2] would be a good place 
>> to start for that. If we decide deployers/operators need the information we 
>> can either refer to it from the guides managed by the documentation team or 
>> we can move/copy the information. How about if you start a new drivers 
>> subdirectory there, and add information about zmq. We can have other driver 
>> authors provide similar detail about their drivers in the same directory.
>> [2] http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/oslo.messaging/tree/doc/source
> Hi all, I wrote a deployment guide of ZeroMQ for oslo.messaging, which is 
> located at
> https://github.com/li-ma/zmq-for-oslo
> Do I need to issue a bug or propose a blueprint to trace and merge it to 
> oslo.messaging doc tree?

A wishlist bug would be a good idea for tracking and to ensure that reviews are 

>>> 3) an analysis of what it would take to be able to run functional
>>> tests for zeromq on our CI infrastructure, not necessarily the full
>>> tempest run or devstack-gate job, probably functional tests we place
>>> in the tree with the driver (we will be doing this for all of the
>>> drivers) + besides writing new functional tests, we need to bring the
>>> unit tests for zeromq into the oslo.messaging repository
>>> Kapil Thangavelu started work on both functional tests for the ZMQ
>>> driver last week; the output from the sprint is here:
>>>    https://github.com/ostack-musketeers/oslo.messaging
>>> it covers the ZMQ driver (including messaging through the zmq-receiver
>>> proxy) and the associated MatchMakers (local, ring, redis) at a
>>> varying levels of coverage, but I feel it moves things in the right
>>> direction - Kapil's going to raise a review for this in the next
>>> couple of days.
>>> Doug - has any structure been agreed within the oslo.messaging tree
>>> for unit/functional test splits? Right now we have them all in one place.
>> I think we will want them split up, but we don’t have an agreed existing 
>> structure for that. I would like to see a test framework of some sort that 
>> defines the tests in a way that can be used to run the same functional for 
>> all of the drivers as separate jobs (with appropriate hooks for ensuring the 
>> needed services are running, etc.). Setting that up warrants its own spec, 
>> because there are going to be quite a few details to work out. We will also 
>> need to participate in the larger conversation about how to set up those 
>> functional test jobs to be consistent with the other projects.
> That's good to hear someone working on the test stuff. I suggest to deal with 
> the unit tests first for ZeroMQ.
> Anyway, are there any sessions related to this topic in the summit?

We are still working on summit planning. Based on our meeting last week, it 
looks like we will have a session combining several topics related to 
oslo.messaging, including what to do with zeromq. The full list of topics and 
notes is in the etherpad we’re using for planning: 


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