Hi all, I almost lost this new thread for discussing with ZeroMQ issue.

On 2014/9/19 5:29, Eric Windisch wrote:

I believe it makes good sense for all drivers, in the long term. However, the most immediate benefits would be in offloading any drivers that need substantial work or improvements, aka velocity. That would mean the AMQP and ZeroMQ drivers.

It's very interesting. If we separate all the drivers out of the main framework, we can have different review groups working on sub-projects and people can work with the sub-group according to their specialty and preference. It can greatly improve the quality of reviewing and speed up the process as well.

Another thing I'll note is that before pulling Ironic in, Nova had an API contract test. This can be useful for making sure that changes in the upstream project doesn't break drivers, or that breakages could at least invoke action by the driver team: https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/4ce3f55d169290015063131134f93fca236807ed/nova/tests/virt/test_ironic_api_contracts.py

Yes, it is necessary to make API consistent.

Li Ma

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