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> Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [Nova] Some ideas for micro-version 
> implementation
>               vNext seems an interesting idea, I thought the implementation 
> way for Nova
>               a little. "API Route Discoverability" is a nice design, but a 
> root "/" URL
>               will conflict on current "list versions" API.
>               Maybe there would be a workaround.
>       Completely agreed, Ken'ichi. The "root" URL that returns the JSON-Home 
> doc in the vNext API is actually *after*
> the version in the URI, though...
>       So, the JSON-Home doc would be returned from:
>        http://compute.example.com/vNext/ <http://compute.example.com/vNext/>
>       Of course, replacing "vNext" with "v4" or "v42" or whatever the "next" 
> major version of the API would be. The
> real root would still return the versions list as it exists today, with a 302 
> Multiple Choice.
> JSON Home and your JSON versions document can exist on the same path. The 
> JSON Home response should be returned when the
> Accept header is "application/json-home"[1], and the JSON document when the 
> Accept header is "application/json". Webob
> makes it easy to support qvalues[2] for the accept header.

Thanks Brant, that is a nice advice!
That seems we can avoid conflict between the existing behavior with a accept 
OK, I will consider about Nova with JSON-Home more.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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