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>> Thanks for your advice, that is very useful input for me.
>> I read both keystone-specs and ietf draft-spec for JSON-Home.
>> I have a question.
>> JSON-Home is useful for advertising API URL paths to clients, I guess
>> but it cannot advertise the supported attributes of a request body.
>> Is that right?
> Right, it says right in the FAQ: 
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nottingham-json-home-03#appendix-B.5 :
> How Do I find the schema for a format?
>    That isn't addressed by home documents. ...
> Also, you might want to check out section 5, Representation Hints :
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nottingham-json-home-03#section-5
>  . All it says is TBD. So we might have to make up our own standard here.

Thanks again, I got it.
Our own standard seems necessary for this use case.

>> For example, we can create a user "nobody" by passing the following
>> request body to Keystone /v2.0/users with POST method:
>>   '{"user": {"email": null, "password": null, "enabled": true, "name": 
>> "nobody", "tenantId": null}}'
>> In this case, I hope Keystone can advertise the above
>> attributes("email", "name", etc).
>> but JSON-Home doesn't cover it as its scope, I guess.
> When discussing the document schema I think we're planning to use 
> JSONSchema... In Keystone, we've got J-S implemented
> on some parts (I don't think it covers all resources yet). I also don't think 
> our JSONSchema is discoverable yet (i.e.,
> you can't download the schema from the server). I haven't heard of other 
> projects implementing this yet, but maybe someone
> has.
> There probably is some way to integrate JSON Home with JSONSchema. Maybe you 
> can put a reference to the JSONSchema in
> the "hints" for the resource.

Oh, the "hints" is a nice idea for JSONSchema.
Do you have any plan/bp/spec for doing it on keystone?
I'd like to join into it if there is.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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