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> Did you consider JSON Home[1] for this? For Juno we've got JSON Home
> support in Keystone for Identity v3 (Zaqar was using it already). We
> weren't planning to use it for microversioning since we weren't
> planning on doing microversioning, but I think JSON Home could be
> used for this purpose.
> Using JSON Home, you'd have relationships that include the version,
> then the client can check the JSON Home document to see if the server
> has support for the relationship the client wants to use.

JSON Home is on our list of things to do for the API (but
the priority is lower than microversions). We still need
microversions anyway because we want to be able to support multiple
versions of API through the same resources (ie no url changes). To
make life as easy as possible for users so they are not forced to
upgrade their app whenever we make backwards incompatible changes. I
don't see us supporting every version forever, but it gives them some
time to upgrade.



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