On 2 October 2014 14:30, joehuang <joehu...@huawei.com> wrote:

> In our PoC design principle, the cascaded OpenStack should work passively, 
> and has no kowledge "whether it is running under cascading senario or not to" 
> and "whether there is sibling OpenStack or not", to reduce interconnect 
> between cascaded OpenStacks as much as possible.
> And one level cascading is enough for foreseeable future.

The transparency is what worries me, e.g. at the moment I can attach
any volume to any vm (* depending on cinder AZ policy), which is going
to be broken in a cascaded scenario if the volume and vm are in
different leaves.

> PoC team planned to stay at Paris from Oct.29 to Nov.8, are you interested in 
> a f2f workshop for deep diving in the OpenStack cascading?

Definitely interested, yes please.

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