This is the start of the API Working Group (API WG). 

To avoid bike shedding over the name of the working group, I decided to title 
the wiki page API Working Group. Simple, to the point, and avoids loaded terms 
like standards, best practices, guidelines, conventions, etc.

The point isn’t what we name it. The point is what action we take about it. I 
propose the deliverables in the API WG wiki page.

Speaking of the wiki page, I wrote it very matter-of-factly. As if this is the 
way things are. They’re not. The wiki page is just a starting point. If 
something was missed, add it. If something can be improved, improve it. Let’s 
try to keep it simple though.

I invite everyone who chimed in on the original thread [1] that kicked this off 
to add themselves as a member committed to making the OpenStack APIs better. 
I’ve Cc’d everyone who asked to be kept in the loop.

I already see some cross project summit topics [2] on APIs. But frankly, with 
the number of people committed to this topic, I’d expect there to be more. I 
encourage everyone to submit more API related sessions with better descriptions 
and goals about what you want to achieve in those sessions.



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