On 10/29/2014 07:02 AM, Ondrej Wisniewski wrote:
> If I understand correctly, we cannot use the OpenStack community Git
> servers as our central Git repository since developers cannot push to
> them. And we don't want to go through Gerrit and the code review
> procedure just to share a bit of code with somebody else in the team.
> Thus the need for a local mirror.

I have been having similar questions as Dolph. Are you going to Paris by
chance? It'd be great to have a chat in person and understand exactly
your needs.

> Additionally also a local Gerrit server was set up to allow for internal
> code review within the team before submitting anything to the community
> server review.openstack.org <http://review.openstack.org> (which will be
> done eventually). 

As Dolph mentioned, you may be able to use review.openstack.org for
that, keeping the patches as Work In Progress (workflow-1): your
developers can all participate in the reviews and mark the change as
'Ready for review' when ready. This will allow you to stay close to
trunk and avoid complex setup on your side. It also allows your
developers to participate more in the 'openstack way' of doing things,
maybe even do some code reviews for other patches while they're on
review.openstack.org, it's less likely that your team will show up with
a large patch after a long internal conversation.

> This is also helpful in case our Internet connection
> goes down, as we will still be able to follow the complete workflow
> inside the LAN.

Fair enough: how often does your Internet connection drop?


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