Excerpts from Matt Joyce's message of 2014-10-31 09:17:23 -0700:
> On one hand, I agree a member of the TC should be a very active member
> of the development community.  Something I have not been, much to my shame.
> However, there are obviously some fundamental issues in how the TC has been
> governing OpenStack in the past few releases.  Very serious issues in the
> project have been largely ignored.  Foremost in my mind, among them, is
> the lack of an upgradability path.  I remember there being large discussion
> and agreement to address this at folsom, and further back.  I have seen no
> meaningful effort made to address a functionality requirement that has been
> requested repeatedly and emphatically since as far back as austin.

I'm not sure the TC can do this. The time is invested where those with
time to invest see fit. So if there are features or bugs that need work
from a user perspective, then I would argue the problem isn't the TC,
but a general lack of communication between users and developers. That
is not a new idea, but it is also not something the TC is really in a
position to fix.

That being said, I think the issues you're talking about are _massive_
flaws that take many releases to address. As Russell said in his response,
many of these are getting much better. This is a common problem in
development, where it looks like nothing is getting better in some areas,
because some problems are just _hard_ to solve.

> I can raise other issues that continue to plague usership, such as neutron
> failing to take over for nova-network now two releases after it's planned
> obsolescence.  My concern, is that the TC comprised entirely of active 
> developers ( most of whom are full time on the open source side of this
> project ), is trapped in something of an echo chamber.  I have no real
> reason to suggest this is the case, beyond the obvious failure by the 
> project to address concerns that have been paramount in the eyes of users
> for years now.  But, the concern lingers.  
> I fear that the TC is beholden entirely to the voice of the development
> community and largely ignorant of the concerns of others.  Certainly,
> the incentives promote that.  The problem of course, is that the TC is
> responsible for driving purogratives in development that reflect more
> than the development communities desires.

I do wonder if we should try to encourage some of our operators to join
the TC. I'm not really sure how to do that, but I'd certainly put a
seasoned operator high on the list if they stood for election and
presented a strong case.

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