> Yep, it is possible to run the tests inside VMs - the key is that when
> you create the VMs you need to be able to give them NUMA topology. This
> is possible if you're creating your VMs using virt-install, but not if
> you're creating your VMs in a cloud.

I think we should explore this a bit more. AFAIK, we can simulate a NUMA
system with CONFIG_NUMA_EMU=y and providing numa=fake=XXX to the guest
kernel. From a quick check with some RAX folks, we should have enough
control to arrange this. Since we can put a custom kernel (and
parameters) into our GRUB configuration that pygrub should honor, I
would think we could get a fake-NUMA guest running in at least one
public cloud. Since HP's cloud runs KVM, I would assume we have control
over our kernel and boot there as well.

Is there something I'm missing about why that's not doable?


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