> That sounds like something worth exploring at least, I didn't know
> about that kernel build option until now :-) It sounds like it ought
> to be enough to let us test the NUMA topology handling, CPU pinning
> and probably huge pages too.

Okay. I've been vaguely referring to this as a potential test vector,
but only just now looked up the details. That's my bad :)

> The main gap I'd see is NUMA aware PCI device assignment since the
> PCI <-> NUMA node mapping data comes from the BIOS and it does not
> look like this is fakeable as is.

Yeah, although I'd expect that the data is parsed and returned by a
library or utility that may be a hook for fakeification. However, it may
very well be more trouble than it's worth.

I still feel like we should be able to test generic PCI in a similar way
(passing something like a USB controller through to the guest, etc).
However, I'm willing to believe that the intersection of PCI and NUMA is
a higher order complication :)


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