UTC 7:00 AM to UTC9:00, or UTC11:30 to UTC13:00 is ideal time for china.

if there is no time slot there, just pick up any time between UTC 7:00 AM to 
UCT 13:00. ( UTC9:00 to UTC 11:30 is on road to home and dinner.)

Yongi He
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Subject: [openstack-dev] [third-party]Time for Additional Meeting for 

One of the actions from the Kilo Third-Party CI summit session was to start up 
an additional meeting for CI operators to participate from non-North American 
time zones.

Please reply to this email with times/days that would work for you. The current 
third party meeting is on Mondays at 1800 utc which works well since Infra 
meetings are on Tuesdays. If we could find a time that works for Europe and 
APAC that is also on Monday that would be ideal.

Josh Hesketh has said he will try to be available for these meetings, he is in 

Let's get a sense of what days and timeframes work for those interested and 
then we can narrow it down and pick a channel.

Thanks everyone,

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