On Fri Dec 12 2014 at 1:06:08 PM Tripp, Travis S <travis.tr...@hp.com>

> ​>>Do we really need the lines:​
> >> project = api.keystone.tenant_get(request, id)
> >> kwargs = _tenant_kwargs_from_DATA(request.DATA, enabled=None)
> ​
> I agree that if you already have all the data it is really bad to have to
> do another call. I do think there is room for discussing the reasoning,
> though.
> As far as I can tell, they do this so that if you are updating an entity,
> you have to be very specific about the fields you are changing. I actually
> see this as potentially a protectionary measure against data loss and a
> sometimes very nice to have feature. It perhaps was intended to *help*
> guard against race conditions *sometimes*.

Yep, it looks like I broke this API by implementing it the way I did, and
I'll alter the API so that you pass both the "current" object (according to
the client) and the parameters to alter.

Thanks everyone for the great reviewing!

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