Thanks Nikolay,

I also left my comments and tend to like Alt2 better than others. Agree with 
Dmitri that “all-permutations” thing can be just a different construct in the 
language and “concurrency” should be rather a policy than a property of 
“for-each” because it doesn’t have any impact on workflow logic itself, it only 
influence the way how engine runs a task. So again, policies are engine 
capabilities, not workflow ones.

One tricky question that’s still in the air is how to deal with publishing. I 
mean in terms of requirements it’s pretty clear: we need to apply “publish” 
once after all iterations and be able to access an array of iteration results 
as $. But technically, it may be a problem to implement such behavior, need to 
think about it more.

Renat Akhmerov
@ Mirantis Inc.
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