On 01/12/2015 03:55 PM, Roman Prykhodchenko wrote:

as it was planned and then announced at the OpenStack summit OpenStack services 
deprecated Python-2.6 support. At the moment several services and libraries are 
already only compatible with Python>=2.7. And there is no common sense in 
trying to get back compatibility with Py2.6 because OpenStack infra does not run 
tests for that version of Python.

The point of this email is that some components of Fuel, say, Nailgun and Fuel 
Client are still only tested with Python-2.6. Fuel Client in it’s turn is about 
to use OpenStack CI’s python-jobs for running unit tests. That means that in 
order to make it compatible with Py2.6 there is a need to run a separate python 
job in FuelCI.

However, I believe that forcing the things being compatible with 2.6 when the 
rest of ecosystem decided not to go with it and when Py2.7 is already available 
in the main CentOS repo sounds like a battle with the common sense. So my 
proposal is to drop 2.6 support in Fuel-6.1.

While I come from the lands where being bleeding edge is preferred, I ask myself (as not programmer) one thing: what does 2.7 provide that you cannot easily achieve in 2.6?


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