Our team can take the effort. We're the ones doing the stackforge EC2 API and we can maintain the nova's EC2 in acceptable state for the time being as well. If you can give us any permissions and leverage to not just contribute fixes and tests but also have a say in approval of those (maybe to just one of us) then it'll be fast. Otherwise it'll happen in due time but our previous attempts to contribute some fixes for EC2 API in nova took usually more than half a year to get through.

Best regards
  Alex Levine

On 1/30/15 3:01 AM, Michael Still wrote:

as you might have read on openstack-dev, the Nova EC2 API
implementation is in a pretty sad state. I wont repeat all of those
details here -- you can read the thread on openstack-dev for detail.

However, we got here because no one is maintaining the code in Nova
for the EC2 API. This is despite repeated calls over the last 18
months (at least).

So, does the Foundation have a role here? The Nova team has failed to
find someone to help us resolve these issues. Can the board perhaps
find resources as the representatives of some of the largest
contributors to OpenStack? Could the Foundation employ someone to help
us our here?

I suspect the correct plan is to work on getting the stackforge
replacement finished, and ensuring that it is feature compatible with
the Nova implementation. However, I don't want to preempt the design
process -- there might be other ways forward here.

I feel that a continued discussion which just repeats the last 18
months wont actually fix the situation -- its time to "break out" of
that mode and find other ways to try and get someone working on this

Thoughts welcome.


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