On 2/2/15 12:58 PM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 07:57:08PM +0000, Tim Bell wrote:

Many thanks for the constructive approach. I've added an item to the list for 
the Ops meetup in March to see who would be interested to help.

As discussed on the change, it is likely that there would need to be some 
Nova APIs added to support the full EC2 semantics. Thus, there would need to 
from the Nova team to enable these additional functions.  Having tables in the 
layer which get out of sync with those in the Nova layer would be a significant
problem in production.
Adding new APIs to Nova to support out of tree EC2 impl is perfectly 
Indeed if there is data needed by EC2 that Nova doesn't provide already, chances
are that providing this data woudl be useful to other regular users / client 
too. Just really needs someone to submit a spec with details of exactly which
functionality is missing. It shouldnt be hard for Nova cores to support it, 
the desire to see the out of tree EC2 impl take over & in tree impl removed.

We'll do the spec shortly.

I think this would merit a good slot in the Vancouver design sessions so we can
also discuss documentation, migration, packaging, configuration management,
scaling, HA, etc.
I'd really strongly encourage the people working on this to submit the
detailed spec for the new APIs well before the Vancouver design summit.
Likewise at lesat document somewhere the thoughts on upgrade paths plans.
We need to at least discuss & iterate on this a few times online, so that
we can take advantage of the f2f time for any remaining harder parts of
the discussion.

We'll see about that also when all of the subjects we can think of or get questions about are covered somewhere in docs or specs. By the way - how do you usually do those online discussions? I mean what is the tooling?

Best regards,
  Alex Levine

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