Thank you Sean.

We'll be tons of EC2 Tempest tests for your attention shortly.
How would you prefer them? In several reviews, I believe. Not in one, right?

Best regards,
  Alex Levine

On 2/2/15 6:55 PM, Sean Dague wrote:
On 02/02/2015 07:01 AM, Alexandre Levine wrote:

I'm rather new here, especially in regard to communication matters, so
I'd also be glad to understand how it's done and then I can drive it if
it's ok with everybody.
By saying EC2 sub team - who did you keep in mind? From my team 3
persons are involved.

 From the technical point of view the transition plan could look somewhat
like this (sequence can be different):

1. Triage EC2 bugs and fix showstoppers in nova's EC2.
2. Contribute Tempest tests for EC2 functionality and employ them
against nova's EC2.
3. Write spec for required API to be exposed from nova so that we get
full info.
4. Triage and fix all of the existing nova's EC2 bugs worth fixing.
5. Set up Tempest testing of the stackforge/ec2 (if that's possible).
6. Communicate and discover all of the existing questions and
problematic points for the switching from existing EC2 API to the new
one. Provide solutions or decisions about them.
7. Do performance testing of the new stackforge/ec2 and provide fixes if
any bottlenecks come up.
8. Have all of the above prepared for the Vancouver summit and discuss
the situation there.

Michael, I am still wondering, who's going to be responsible for timely
reviews and approvals of the fixes and tests we're going to contribute
to nova? So far this is the biggest risk. Is there anyway to allow some
of us to participate in the process?
I am happy to volunteer to shephard these reviews. I'll try to keep an
eye on them, and if something is blocking please just ping me directly
on IRC in #openstack-nova or bring them forward to the weekly Nova meeting.


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