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> that's something i hadn't thought about, the process behind a list of this
> sort. i don't mind having this list as a starting point, but i also agree
> with Everett for the need to establish an open and transparent working
> group. i'm also a big fan of the evolutionary growth model for this effort.

> i guess this is a point we should address as well, the possibility for a
> long term path towards standards. it's a tough chicken and egg type
> situation, especially given the desire for openness and free growth. i'm
> not sure how we would best flag that standards may someday evolve out of
> the wg, or even if we need to.

I could see some guidelines becoming standards, it would be an easier
process than starting from scratch since a lot of the arguments have
already been had.  But it is a different set of people setting those
standards and I'm sure an additional round of editing would occur.  But
having a well-reasoned (I hope) starting point with rationale behind it is



Dean Troyer
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