On Mon, Mar 09 2015, Joshua Harlow wrote:

> Another idea; provide some way for tooz to handle the heartbeating (instead of
> clients having to do this); perhaps tooz coordinator should take ownership of
> the thread that heartbeats (instead of clients having to do this on there 
> own)?
> This avoids having each client create there own thread (or something else) 
> that
> does the same thing...

Shh, I'm not for this at all. What we should do is provide the ability
to plug tooz in an event loop but, as you know, most of the modules we
use are not providing such a feature so we're stuck on building a "while
True: heartbeat()" loop… :(

I think it's better to let the user run heartbeat() it's own
system (thread, event loop, whatever) and not mess with that.

Julien Danjou
;; Free Software hacker
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