On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 8:15 AM, gordon chung <g...@live.ca> wrote:
> i feel like this gets brought up every year. we block these patches in
> Telemetry projects unless they can be justified beyond the copy/paste
> description.
> in addition to this, please, PLEASE stop creating 'all project bugs'. i
> don't want to get emails on updates to projects unrelated to the ones i
> care about. also, it makes updating the bug impossible because it times
> out. i'm too lazy to search ML but this has been raise before, please stop.
> let's all unite together and block these patches to bring an end to it. :)

I know Launchpad only has about three features, but is there a way to
block this there? I created that MagicMock issue that somehow got
spammed to everyone, but it was never intended to be used that way. It
was to solve a legitimate problem we inflicted on ourselves long ago,
corrected it pretty quickly and easily, and then moved on with life.
It probably doesn't affect any of the 50 projects it got added to in
the same way, or at all even.

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