Steven Dake (stdake) wrote:

We want to be inviting to new contributors even if they are green.  New 
contributors reflect on OpenStack’s growth in a positive way.  The fact that a 
new-to-openstack contributor would make such and error doesn’t warrant such a 
negative response even if it a hassle for the various PTLs and core reviewer 
teams to deal with.  This is one of the many aspects of OpenStack projects a 
PTL is elected to manage (mentorship).  If mentorship isn’t in a leader’s 
personal mission, I’m not sure they should be leading anything.


Well said and +100 from me :)

And yes I understand it's not always easy, and some of it can be a PITA based on (new) contributors experience (or lack of) and so on and so forth but that's the way the world works folks (and everyone was likely inexperienced at some time in their life...)


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