in addition to this, please, PLEASE stop creating 'all project bugs'. i
don't want to get emails on updates to projects unrelated to the ones i
care about. also, it makes updating the bug impossible because it times
out. i'm too lazy to search ML but this has been raise before, please stop.

let's all unite together and block these patches to bring an end to it. :)

People who contribute to OpenStack long enough already know this.
Usually new contributors do it. And we cannot reach out to them
in this mailing list. There should be a way to limit this somewhere
in Launchpad.

On 21/09/16 07:56 AM, Amrith Kumar wrote:
Of late I've been seeing a lot of rather questionable changes that
appear to be getting blasted out across multiple projects; changes that
cause considerable code churn, and don't (IMHO) materially improve the
quality of OpenStack.

I’d love to provide a list of the changes that triggered this email but
I know that this will result in a rat hole where we end up discussing
the merits of the individual items on the list and lose sight of the
bigger picture. That won’t help address the question I have below in any
way, so I’m at a disadvantage of having to describe my issue in abstract

Here’s how I characterize these changes (changes that meet one or more
of these criteria):

-    Contains little of no information in the commit message (often just
a single line)

-    Makes some generic statement like “Do X not Y”, “Don’t use Z”,
“Make ABC better” with no further supporting information

-    Fail (literally) every single CI job, clearly never tested by the

-    Gets blasted across many projects, literally tens with often the
same kind of questionable (often wrong) change

-    Makes a stylistic python improvement that is not enforced by any
check (causes a cottage industry of changes making the same correction
every couple of months)

-    Reverses some previous python stylistic improvement with no clear
reason (another cottage industry)

I’ve tried to explain it to myself as enthusiasm, and a desire to
contribute aggressively; I’ve lapsed into cynicism at times and tried to
explain it as gaming the numbers system, but all that is merely
rationalization and doesn’t help.

Over time, the result generally is that these developers’ changes get
ignored. And that’s not a good thing for the community as a whole. We
want to be a welcoming community and one which values all contributions
so I’m looking for some suggestions and guidance on how one can work
with contributors to try and improve the quality of these changes, and
help the contributor feel that their changes are valued by the project?
Other more experienced PTL’s, ex-PTL’s, long time open-source-community
folks, I’m seriously looking for suggestions and ideas.

Any and all input is welcome, do other projects see this, how do you
handle it, is this normal, …




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