On Wed, Sep 21 2016, Amrith Kumar wrote:

> Over time, the result generally is that these developers' changes get ignored.
> And that's not a good thing for the community as a whole. We want to be a
> welcoming community and one which values all contributions so I'm looking for
> some suggestions and guidance on how one can work with contributors to try and
> improve the quality of these changes, and help the contributor feel that their
> changes are valued by the project? Other more experienced PTL's, ex-PTL's, 
> long
> time open-source-community folks, I'm seriously looking for suggestions and
> ideas.

FWIW, I tried to reach privately some of those folks spamming the
Telemetry projects with poor patches.

Turns out that some of them were just trying to "contribute to
OpenStack" for the sake of it for an internship or the like. I tried to
explain that we were happy having volunteers and that they should ask
for meaningful tasks rather than spamming us, but they only seemed
interested into having things merged quickly and easily.

Julien Danjou
/* Free Software hacker
   https://julien.danjou.info */

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