On Mon, 17 Oct 2016, Joshua Harlow wrote:

Anyone want to bring a (gym size recommended, unless the walls there are *huggggggeeee*) rope for leading? I don't want to bring mine all the way from CA (unless I have to).

I've got a shorty I can probably bring if someone closer cannot. I
was initially planning to only bring shoes and boulder, but if
people want to lead that could be fun.

I'm not sure what their restrictions will be on who is allowed to
lead on their first day. Given it is Catalonia I wouldn't be surprised
if it is quite laid back.

Anyway, I've made an etherpad where we can accumulate some plans,
and also linked a doodle poll in there to figure out some good ideas
for when. If I should put more day time slots into the poll, let me


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