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It seems that new kiwi does not support u-boot (non EFI/Grub2) images? Is there 
a solution/workaround?
I have not ported plain u-boot support to the next generation kiwi, because
of the effort to move all boards to efi boot. u-boot basically works as the
EFI firmware being capable to load the grub efi module(s).

Yes, but not all boards are supporting EFI with U-Boot. Especially Arndale because 
"Samsung's bl1 lies at sector 1, overlapping with the EFI GPT, so we can not use 

Maybe for other boards, we may use the EFI config in kiwi, but still boot using 
u-boot script? (I will give it a try)

One of the changelog entries I have here is this:

Date:   Fri Mar 18 10:23:07 2016 +0100

     Delete obsolete support for uboot
arm boot is using grub2 efi images loaded by a firmware. The
     firmware could be uboot but due to the non generic way to
     setup the board that it loads the firmware all of these tasks
     are handled by custom scripts called via the kiwi
     editbootconfig / editbootinstall script hooks. Therefore kiwi
     itself does not have to setup or install uboot

iirc this was one result of a conversation with Alex some time ago,
not sure though. In our integration test example for the panda board
I can see those kind of scripts:


If this is going to become a problem we should start a discussion
what parts are missing in the builder

Alex, you may give us more information, maybe?




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