Am 04.04.2018 um 11:14 schrieb Alexander Graf:
> On 04.04.18 11:08, Guillaume Gardet wrote:
>> Le 04/04/2018 à 10:48, Marcus Schäfer a écrit :
>>>> It seems that new kiwi does not support u-boot (non EFI/Grub2)
>>>> images? Is there a solution/workaround?
>>> I have not ported plain u-boot support to the next generation kiwi,
>>> because
>>> of the effort to move all boards to efi boot. u-boot basically works
>>> as the
>>> EFI firmware being capable to load the grub efi module(s).
>> Yes, but not all boards are supporting EFI with U-Boot. Especially
>> Arndale because "Samsung's bl1 lies at sector 1, overlapping with the
>> EFI GPT, so we can not use EFI".
> This is not true. For those boards, we can still use EFI, but need to
> convert to MBR. This is done in in section
> "Convert GPT to MBR if necessary".
> The only case I'm aware of where EFI is not a viable option is when we
> rely on U-Boot that is delivered with the system, but doesn't have
> efi_loader enablement. Apart from moonshot and midway I'm not aware of
> any such system still alive.

Is 32-bit Allwinner working with UEFI by now? Last time I tried it still
fell apart and thus needed boot.scr.


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