On 04.04.18 11:08, Guillaume Gardet wrote:
> Le 04/04/2018 à 10:48, Marcus Schäfer a écrit :
>> Hi,
>>> It seems that new kiwi does not support u-boot (non EFI/Grub2)
>>> images? Is there a solution/workaround?
>> I have not ported plain u-boot support to the next generation kiwi,
>> because
>> of the effort to move all boards to efi boot. u-boot basically works
>> as the
>> EFI firmware being capable to load the grub efi module(s).
> Yes, but not all boards are supporting EFI with U-Boot. Especially
> Arndale because "Samsung's bl1 lies at sector 1, overlapping with the
> EFI GPT, so we can not use EFI".

This is not true. For those boards, we can still use EFI, but need to
convert to MBR. This is done in uboot-image-install.in in section
"Convert GPT to MBR if necessary".

The only case I'm aware of where EFI is not a viable option is when we
rely on U-Boot that is delivered with the system, but doesn't have
efi_loader enablement. Apart from moonshot and midway I'm not aware of
any such system still alive.

> Maybe for other boards, we may use the EFI config in kiwi, but still
> boot using u-boot script? (I will give it a try)

That should also work, yes.

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