there was a comment in my previous review that remained unanswer.
Please, see it below

On 09/03/18 04:23, Steffan Karger wrote:
> +   The metadata is checked *after* the OpenVPN three-way handshake has
> +   completed, to prevent DoS attacks.  (That is, once the client has proved 
> to
> +   the server that it possesses Kc, by authenticating a packet that contains 
> the
> +   session ID picked by the server.)

just a thought here: the metadata is actually created by the
server/provider and it is authenticated/encrypted with the server key.

Isn't this enough to ensure that its content is not malicious and thus
allow the server to parse it right after having received the
HARD_RESET_V3 (instead of performing a "three-way handshake" first)?


Antonio Quartulli

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