I revoke this “master.c” idea. It makes incremental compiling ridiculously 
slow. It might work for production builds, but definitely not for development.


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We could introduce a master.c file which would include:


#include "argv.c"

#include "auth_token.c"

#include "base64.c"

#include "block_dns.c"

#include "buffer.c"




#include "status.c"

#include "tls_crypt.c"

#include "tun.c"

#include "win32.c"


And then have Makefile.ac and MSVC project files compile the master.c only.


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Besides this, we need to fix this whole MSVC mess - all other platforms
are just done with "add new source file to the Makefile.ac" and done
(including mingw builds), and then MSVC is broken again, and this will
happen again and again.   

Is there no reasonable way to build these project files from Makefile.ac?


I see no reasonable way. Selva, Simon - opinions?


We could probably have a templatized project file and script which inserts 
source files to there

based on content of Makefile.ac, but I don't like it. I consider necessity of 
modifying VS project

a lesser evil. 


(you open it and it just works)



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