On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 04:11:08PM +0100, Marco Cirillo wrote:
> Yes that's how *I* currently do it, the server sends a message back to the 
> user telling how to unlock communication.

Thanks for clarifying.  I'm not as opposed to that method (at least senders 
have some indication of why their message is not getting through), but I'm not 
sure it goes far enough.  Some transports (such as SMS, as well as other 
federated messaging protocols like it) don't provide a mechanism for this, 
aside from putting an error in a message payload (which is indistinguishable 
from a message sent back from the user with the same contents).  So it would be 
nice to provide other ways of rejecting the message, such as the user 
explicitly choosing to block the user (this is probably more of an XMPP client 
issue than it is an XMPP server issue).

> And WhatsUp when you receive a message from someone not in your list holds 
> the first message with a warning giving you the option to add to your 
> contacts, block, or report as spam.. So it's not that the messages just 
> passthrough. 

Does WhatsApp hold subsequent messages as well?  For example, do you never see 
a second message from the user until you accept the first message?  Or are 
subsequent messages shown in the meantime too?


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