Ok, I can handle two of those.  First of all, to take the questions in order. 
I do not use wireless, so I am not able to answer the question about the
wireless adapter.  

Next, the question about the power-level monitoring program.  try this: 

apm -m

This should handle the power-level monitoring situation.  Just do this every
few minutes, hours, or however long the battery on that thing might last.  You
will see the power level.  I do not, know if this can be set up to be done
automatically, other than in a cron job.  If you wish, I will be more than
happy to help you set this one up as well.  This way, you can, at regular
intervals, be made aware of how much more energy you have in that cell so that
you don't lose your work due to a battery drain.  

Now, the mounting of a usb external hard drive, cdrom drive or whatever should
be no problem.  I have several usb devices on here and they all seem to work
fine.  What was it, a cdrom drive? a hard drive? Do this: 

For the hard drive: enter: 

mount /dev/sda1

This is only possible if the drive was on at the time of the install.  If it
was not, you can solve it.  Just do this, if for some reason, the drive fails
to mount.  

As root enter: 

mkdir /mnt/sda1

Then, while still root: 

chmod a=rwx /mnt/sda1

Now it should be no problem to mount the drive.  You do not need to make the
directory if the drive was turned on at the time you installed Oralux.  

Now, for the third question.  If you want the usb cdrom drive mounted, just
put a disk in it then it should be ready to go.  For example, to see if it
works, do this: 

Put your Oralux into the cdrom drive and it should be ready to go.  Do this,
if you have a disk in the drive: 

Under emacspeak: 


The system will ask for the command.  


The system will ask you for the directory you wish to look at.  If it is the
cdrom drive, you should be able to look at /mnt/cdrom1.  This is because the
main or primary cdrom drive, the one built into the machine, is the /mnt/cdrom

You should get the listing of what's on the disk.  

Under yasr or speakup: 

ls /mnt/cdrom1 

The directory should be listed just like any other directory.  

I hope this information will help you in getting your machine configured as
you wish to have it.  If I can be of more assistance, let me know.  


Doug Smith: C.S.F.C.
Computer Scientist For CHRIST!

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