Ok, when you put the disk into the drive, you should be able to mount it right
up.  Here's how it works.  For example, if I put in a disk into another drive
than the one that I have to currently use for my Oralux, I can just do an ls
and the drive is already there.  

It works because it is mounted under /mnt/auto, a directory that allows for
the automatic mounting of cdrom drives.  For example, /mnt/cdrom1 will work
because it is /mnt/auto/cdrom1, byut you don't have to worry about the
auto part.  It just works, at least on this system.  

Now, to make it really work right, the usb drive has to be turned on when the
machine is booted, or it will not make root for it in the /fstab, the file
system table, that tells the kernel where every device is.  This should work. 

Now, about the apm question, I do not know.  I do not know what the deal with
the apm program is.  It might be some kind of hardware incompatibility issue. 
I do not use a laptop, so I cannot be sure.  If it gives you any additional
information, I will need it to help make the diagnosis.  

Ok, I hope the issue of the usb drive will be solved.  Don't try to mount that
/usb/u535 or whatever you mounted.  It might be that this is built into the
kernel, is not a module, or flat-out does not exist.  I don't know.  However,
the drive with the cdrom in it should come up when you list the files in it.  

Hope this helps. 

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